About us

About us

In a high velocity world, industry demands flexible designs, quality manufacturing methods and constantly reliable products to improve productivity and profitability.

With regards to electrical heaters it is extremely important that choice of material and technical execution harmonize in order to produce reliable and cost efficient products. 

Our product developement program is based on 4 corner stones:

  • Established proven products - reliable and cost efficient
  • Input from users - continuous innovation based on customer demand
  • In-house development of production methods and material adaptation
  • Adherence to safety regulations - all products certified

Over the years our innate curiosity and creativity has prompted us to solve industry problems, often where others would not commit themselves to the same extent. This has given us a breadth and depth of experience that has resulted in a correspondingly ingenious product program. 

Our 40 years of electrical heater experience gives us confidence that our expanded product program will be well received by both old and new customers.